Transmission Repair

Genius Auto Solutions LLC is an auto repair business that has years of experience in transmission maintenance and repair. Whether your vehicle needs its transmission repaired or a completely rebuilt transaxle, we are the auto repair practitioners of choice for motorists. Our certified specialists have the skill and knowhow to repair a transmission on any vehicle so if you have a transmission problem, be sure to contact experts you can trust.

How Does Your Vehicle’s Transmission Work?

In every car there are thousands of different parts that play a unique role in ensuring that it runs smoothly. However some are more important than others. For instance, the glove compartment not closing correctly is annoying and will need to be fixed but, is of no major concern. By contrast, a faulty transmission or transaxle is going to put an end to any hopes you have of driving.

The transmission in your car is essential as, without it, the power that your vehicle generates from your engine would never reach the wheels. It is the crucial link that holds your car together. A transmission system that isn’t operating to its full potential level needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Failure to act in time could mean a complete erosion of the transmission, at which point a repair will no longer be an option. So, if you notice something wrong, then make that call right away.

Most Common Types of Transmission Problems

A transmission problem can come in many shapes and sizes but two of the main causes which contribute to your transmission needing repair are transmission fluid leaks or a defect in your cooling system causing over-heating. Both of these factors are interlinked and, if left undetected, can cause major problems for your transmission.

There are two main types of fluid leaks that can affect your vehicle’s transmission:

  • A pressure related fluid leak:
    Occurs when the engine is running and a pressure build up occurs. Most commonly found as leaking front pump seal, torque converter or leaking output shaft seal.
  • A non-pressure related fluid leak:
    Will occur anytime the fluid level is sufficiently high irrespective of whether the engine is running or not. Common non-pressure leaks include: loose oil pan bolts, overly tightened oil pan bolts or a damaged transmission oil pan.

Other Transmission Warning Signs

Here are a few more signs to look out for:

  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Grinding gears when shifting
  • A whining, clunking or buzzing sound
  • A burning smell when you exit the vehicle

A defective cooling system leading to over-heating is a more direct contributory factor when it comes to transmission break-down. Approximately 90% of all transmission damage is caused by over-heating. Some of the main reasons for this include: low fluid levels, ineffective fluid or problems associated with the solenoid. External factors like heavy towing, a hot climate and a larger vehicle size could also be responsible but generally less so.

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