Tire and Wheel Repair

Whether you drive a sports car or a hatchback, it is important that your tires and wheels are in proper working order to meet your vehicle’s needs. At Genius Auto Solutions LLC we repair both original manufactured and custom designed wheels and tires for all types of vehicles and brands.

Signs That You Need to Repair Your Tires

Answering the ‘how often should you change your tires’ question will depend on a range of different variables. Factors such as the annual distance covered, the driver’s own road habits, the climate of the location where the majority of the driving takes place (rural vs. urban) and the tires respective design, all play a role in determining the length of their lifespan. However, on average and as a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that ten years (from the date of manufacture) is the point you should not exceed without changing your tires.

However, it is also very important to remember that after five years your tires should be inspected at least once every year to make sure they are in proper working condition and to take care of any small or remedial repairs that may need to take place. This is necessary to ensure the continued road worthiness of your tires – a feature that will ensure your safety and that of your fellow passengers and other motorists.

Common Causes of Wheel Rim Damage

We all know that your wheels metal rims’ are made of tough stuff that are designed to support the vehicle and withstand some of the most challenging road conditions. They are not however, indestructible and must be maintained carefully to ensure their continued efficiency. Three of the most damaging factors for a wheels metal rim are:

  • Potholes:
    Rather predictably potholes are a disaster for your wheels so try and avoid them at all costs. Even the slightest foray into a shallow pothole can cause significant damage to your rim decreasing your car’s integrity and efficiency.
  • Brake Dust:
    Ever time you press on the brake pedal a small amount of brake dust is emitted. The majority of this dust locates itself on your wheel rims and over time it can burn into the rims surface causing it to gradually wear down.
  • Curb Damage:
    Taking a turn too quickly or parking too close to a curb can result in your rim becoming far too acquainted with the curb’s cement force. This can damage the rim and impact the entire wheel structure.

The Complete Wheel and Tire Repair Service

Whether you are looking to repair a damaged rim or simply want to address a faulty tire valve, call the tire and wheel repair specialists at Genius Auto Solutions LLC today and have our fully certified team provide you with comprehensive tire and wheel repair services at a great price. Genius Auto Solutions LLC’s team of certified skilled technicians will assess your tire or wheel problem, inspect it for common wear and tear or more structural damage and determine if it’s salvageable. We will then get to work on having your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Don’t delay, call us today.